The Important of Reading Books

There are many ways of learning such as reading books, listening to others, watching around us, teaching others, etc. One of them is to read books, and it is very important. Why is it very important ? There are three reasons to make it necessary in our life.

First, we read books to get knowledge. In order to write a book, authors spend long time to research. Sometimes, they write about their own life experience for whole life. As a result, we only spend a small time to read, we can get the knowledge of the whole like of authors. The authors spend their life time to test and get error to find the best way to achieve one thing and then write them in a book. So, there are a lot of knowledge in books, and reading books will make our life better and better.

The second one is to develop the habit of completing what we started. Most people have never finished the jobs that they start doing. They usually give up it when they face the obstacle a long the way. It also happens in reading a books. At first, they commit to read until the end of the page but just start a few page, they feel lazy, headache, or sleepy. Do you know what happen ? They give up. Back to it, if they don’t give up and try to read until the end of page, they are developing the habit of completing what they started although the reading the first five books is difficult. After this good habit is created, our life will be better than our life of yesterday.

At last, if we read books in different language, it means we are developing our second language. In the age of globalization, second language is very important in communication.

In conclusion, there are three of many benefits in reading books. These benefits are reading to get knowledge, reading to develop the habit of completing what we started, and reading to develop our foreign language, so reading books is very important in our life.

By Nguon Bonnit, the Founder of IdeaPLUS and

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