Ten Keys of Team Building Strategies

We can not do things alone successfully, especially the big one. We need team that each members helping each other to achieve one goal. However, if we don’t build it in the right way, there will be a bigger problem than doing alone. So, what is the best strategy to build one team successfully and beneficially.

In research over many years, there are ten keys to a winning team as the following:

  1. Shared Goal
  2. Share Values
  3. Share Plans
  4. Action Plan
  5. Rules of the Game
  6. Clear Leadership
  7. Continuous Evaluation and Appraisal
  8. Resolve Conflict Among Team Members
  9. Bring Out the Strengths in Each Person
  10. Risk Taking

With these ten keys, it is the champion team of all times.

” You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we do great things.” ~ Mother Teresa

In conclusion, the teamwork can be good or can be bad, but if no team, we cannot go big things. In order to build a good team, we must follow the important keys above.

by Nguon Bonnit, fouder of IdeaPLUS and  http://Asarar.com

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