Three Steps to Become a Great Listener

Many people always want to be a leader, but one of many skills to be a great leader is to be a good listener. Every thing does not happen by themselves. It needs training and practicing everyday and for long time. It must follow the best steps to become a great listener. In the research, there are three steps to become a great listener.

The first one is to listen attentively. Lean forward. Don’t interrupt. When you listen attentively, you raise the other person’s self-esteem and make him or her feel important.

Second, pause before replying. This benefits you in three ways:

1- You avoid the risk of interrupting if the speakers is just pausing to reorganize his or her thoughts.

2- Pausing allows you to hear at a deeper level and understanding more of what the speaker really mean.

3- Your silence makes it clear that you are carefully considering what the other person has said, making him or her feel more important.

The last of all is question for clarification. Never assume that you know what the other person meant by what he or she just said. Instead of it, you ask:

How do you mean exactly ?

How did you feel about that ?

What is your concerns ?

Notice: The person who asks questions has controlled over the person who is answering the question.

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